How To Wash Rug Easily

The cleanliness of the rug inside the house needs to be maintained to ensure your health. The easiest and more effective way is by using the Ultra Brite Carpet Tile Cleaning service. However, if you have the right equipment you could also wash it with a special carpet polisher and shampoo. If there is no special carpet shampoo, you can use detergent diluted in 1 bucket of warm water. Do not use hot water to prevent the color of the rug from fading or carpet to shrink in size. Before washing the rug, soak the carpet with water and laundry disinfectant products that can be used to kill germs in the laundry that are not killed by detergent alone. It is more effective at killing germs because it contains Hydrogen Peroxide & Benzalkonium Chloride.

Laundry disinfectant is practical, you only need to soak for 15 minutes before washing with detergent. After soaking, remove the soaking water and continue washing with detergent, making sure the carpet shampoo or detergent does not bleed the color. Do a test on the edge of the rug to see if there is a color change. If it turns out to be safe, you can calmly wash the carpet. Use a polisher machine or a scrubbing machine to scrub the entire surface of the rug at the top or bottom. This tool works automatically so it is effective in shortening the washing time. Don’t forget to let it 5 minutes so that the carpet shampoo can get rid of the dirt more completely.

Rinse the rug with a high-pressure spray hose or jet washer. Make sure all soap is removed until the carpet is clean of dirt and foam. Use a spinner to squeeze the water into the carpet. This rug spinner can reduce the moisture content by up to 90% so that any carpet as heavy or long can dry faster. After completely dry, usually, the hair or carpet thread fibers appear less smooth and shrink. To make the bristles and lint stand back upright and soft to the touch, use a soft brush or vacuum to dry the entire surface of the carpet.

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