Hurting Without Touching, Is It Possible?

Hurting without touching, seems impossible, right? In this sophisticated era, phrases like that sound ridiculous and won’t come true. The method used will be questioned, how can it hurt without touching? Is there a way to hurt without touching? On the one hand, some people believe that there is a special ability that a person can harm without touching, namely by using black magic. Sounds cliché, right? There are still many people who do black magic to harm their opponents without touching, through the practitioners they meet. Usually, the strongest black magic comes from areas that hold tight customs, the transmission of black magic cannot be seen but the side effects will be felt. That’s why remove black magic cannot be done by just anyone.

Usually, people who are exposed to black magic have unique characteristics, some of them experience drastic changes, for example, they are irritable, easy to hallucinate, suffer from the illness in unusual places, often think blankly, and are easily confused. At a more terrible stage, a person who is affected by black magic will quickly feel tired, cannot move quickly and some even get worse or get sick suddenly. Because of its invisible nature, black magic is the most sought after way to get revenge on someone else.

Even though it is not justified, people who have grudges will still do it because they cannot stand the attitudes and behaviors that hurt them. It will be even more dangerous if the black magic has created an energy that cannot be accepted by the body, as a result, the body becomes lethargic, weak, has no appetite and under certain conditions can lose its mind. Sometimes when it reaches the maximum level, a person who feels sick due to black magic, when he goes to the doctor, the result will be fine, there are no significant results that indicate disease in any part of the body. If you have experienced a similar incident, it is much better if you do a consultation to do black magic cleansing, where black magic needs to be removed from your body.

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