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Gardening Becomes An Alternative In A Pandemic Time

The Covid-19 pandemic has not ended, while food supplies are running low every day, this is why people then provide other alternatives to survive, especially about food resources. Not all stores provide online ordering services as well as online delivery, some stores still provide off-store services while the intensity of leaving the house is not much possible. In the end, some people choose to do organic planting with seeds that can be found in broccoli seeds for sprouting organic. Gardening in the yard can be a family food solution, especially with the difficulty of getting vegetables that are healthy and feel safe in their consumption. Growing your vegetables for family consumption also gives you a sense of security because it is clear that the sources are from your garden. If you buy from outside, you usually clean it carefully for fear of being contaminated with a virus. Especially now that it is also difficult to get vegetables because of restrictions, there are no vegetable sellers who usually come, going to the market may also be far and risky.

Gardening in the yard is also easy for anyone, including housewives, with no need for special learning or to become a bachelor of agriculture. Learning is very easy right now, no need to learn to meet in person. On a larger scale, farming vegetables in small yards or gardens has a new potential income for households. Moreover, vegetables are plants that have become the main daily needs plus the awareness of urban communities about the consumption of healthy food without chemical residues. Changes in consumption styles and patterns towards healthier consumption patterns have caused urban household consumers to be very concerned about food safety in the cultivation of vegetable products. It’s just that before planting, you must pay attention to the planting media that will be used, namely using soil that has nutrients in it with a mixture of compost or sufficient organic fertilizer.

This planting medium is easy to obtain, many are sold at affordable prices. So don’t bother making it yourself. Just add the husks and liquid fertilizer can be used. It can be used 2-3 harvests, after which more nutrients are added to restore the nutrients.