The Risks of Sensitive Teeth Due to Teeth Whitening

Perfect white teeth are anyone’s dream because shiny teeth like this can enhance their appearance. Therefore, the current trend of whitening teeth or bleaching is one of the most popular treatments at dentist West Columbia SC for the public. Unfortunately, bleaching treatment has the risk of causing sensitive teeth. What you need to know, not all discoloration that occurs in teeth can be done by whitening. Only color changes that are extrinsic (external factors) can be fully bleached.

Extrinsic color changes generally occur due to bad habits, such as smoking, smoking tobacco, and sticking to dyes in food or drinks. These stains will only affect the outside of your teeth. Meanwhile, intrinsic changes come from within the teeth. These changes occur due to the use of antibiotics, dental trauma, infection, or aging (thinning of the tooth enamel layer). For this type of discoloration, other treatments are needed to make teeth appear white and effective.

Teeth whitening procedures can actually be done alone at home or by dentists in clinics. There are many types of teeth whitening products, from special whitening toothpaste, whitening gels, and strips, to mouthwash. Currently, teeth whitening products are already on the market and are sold at affordable prices. However, you must be careful in choosing and using it. Because these products are not necessarily safe to use and may actually damage dental health.

Usually, tooth complaints that feel more sensitive appear after a teeth whitening procedure. This occurs due to the penetration of hydrogen peroxide bleach. This material seeps through the enamel layer and exposes the nerves in the dentin underneath. The level of tooth sensitivity in each person is generally different, it can be mild or moderate. This condition will increase when exposed to hot, cold, or acid stimuli. This is due to the high levels of peroxide bleach used and the length of treatment and techniques used. Sensitive teeth generally occur during treatment and can last several days afterward. However, you don’t need to worry because these side effects can disappear within a few days. In addition, irritation of the gums often occurs after teeth whitening. This condition occurs due to contact on your gums with teeth whitening products. This condition generally goes away after a few days.

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