There Are 3 Tricks To Use Portable Air Conditioners

The use of air conditioners indeed often needs to be learned given the different types and shapes. Likewise, with portable air conditioners, you need to know important tips when using a portable air conditioner, like blaux portable ac, such as:

1. Make Ventilation From the Casement Window

Many people think that they cannot use portable air conditioners because they have casement windows.

Don’t worry, this problem is easily solved. All you have to do is get the plexiglass cut to fit the size of your window and fix it like a screen so the window will stay open (this can usually be done with strong Velcro).

In the plexiglass section, cut a 5-inch hole near the bottom. Then you can simply install a ventilation hose in the hole, and you are ready to use a portable air conditioner! Plus, you don’t lose sight of the window when you use plexiglass!

2. Cover Your Room

Portable air conditioners are intended to cool closed spaces. The more you can close the room, the better and more effective the unit will work. Try to close the door or window that leads to the room you are trying to cool.

Also, try to eliminate as many heat sources as possible in the room, such as lights and electronic equipment.

Portable air conditioners are more efficient than central air conditioning systems, consume far more energy-efficient, and are able to produce more cooling power per BTU. Many window air conditioners carry Energy Star certification.

3. Turn on the Portable AC Early

The best thing you can do is turn on your portable air conditioner early.

If your portable air conditioner is the only source of cooling in the room, you should turn it on when the temperature in the room is relatively cold. For example, if you know you need a unit to cool the hottest room in the middle of the day, turning on a few hours before midday heat has the full effect on your space. That way, the unit will be able to maintain a comfortable temperature while operating efficiently.

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