This Is How To Maintain A High-Pressure Cleaner (Pressure Washer)

How to care for a high-pressure cleaner is easy. Just like transportation or electronic equipment, a High-Pressure Cleaner (Pressure washer) also needs to be regularly maintained so that the motorbike is maintained and has a long life. Then what needs to be considered when caring for a High-Pressure Cleaner? Apart from that, if you don’t want to be bothered with maintaining this device, you can always hire the pressure washing near me.

Here are the tips that you can do to maintain your high-pressure cleaner:

Electrical voltage

What is important, of course, is the voltage. Because electricity is the driving force of an HPC. The electric voltage plays an important role in the HPC motor work system. Try to keep the power voltage stable.

Water quality

The water used to operate the High-Pressure Cleaner should use clean water. Particles carried by dirty water can damage the HPC filter, especially if not cleaned frequently. Dirty water usually contains moss, soil, and sand particles which can scratch and damage filters. Apart from clean water, the water supply also needs attention. The HPC machine will continue to run even if the operational button is not pressed. If the water suddenly becomes clogged or stops while it is being used, it can cause the machine to break down quickly and eventually become unusable

Air Exhaustion and Water Pressure

After you finish using the HPC, don’t forget to always remove the remaining air and water pressure that is still left in the tube or nozzle gun. Because the system used in the High-Pressure Cleaner is the addition of air pressure when spraying water through the nozzle gun. The remaining air pressure can cause the engine to break down quickly and not live long. If not removed, there will be continuous air pressure and eventually will damage the seal on the nozzle gun or engine.


The hose on the HPC contains high air pressure so make sure the hose is not run over by hard objects because it can cause the hose to break. You need to make sure the hose is stretched properly to reduce the risk of air pressure turning towards the engine.

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