You Can Try These 4 Tips To Recycle Your Withered Flower Bouquet

It must be nice to receive a bouquet as a gift from a loved one, the beautiful colors and the fragrant smells not only enlighten the heart but also the room where you put them. After 3-5 days, your fresh flower bouquet will soon wither and change color. But don’t worry, you can make all kinds of creations from your flower bouquet. Whether it’s as home decoration or making special gifts for loved ones. Aside from that, if you also want to buy new flower bouquets, we recommend you to check out the waitrose flowers delivery service.

Here are 4 choices of creations to reuse your flower bouquet:

1. Let it dry

How to make dried flowers is very easy, hang your flower bouquet upside down and let it dry. You can also use silica gel and an impermeable box, this technique can keep the flower shape better. A rose bouquet will look beautiful fresh or dry. Dried flower colors bring a vintage impression to your home decor. Change the type of vase and place your dried flower bouquet to decorate a room that needs more color but is out of reach of the sun.

2. Hang it on the wall or window

Dried flowers can add uniqueness to the walls and windows of your home. You can also style it like a curtain by tying a rope to each stalk.

3. Frame Your Dried Flowers

Take a bouquet and arrange them in a frame according to your creation. You can use the finished result to beautify the walls and shelves in your home.

4. Make a potpourri

Once dry, flowers can be used as wonderful aromatherapy. During the drying process, you can mix it with various types of spices (cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg) and vanilla extract or other fragrances to make potpourri. Dry flowers and other materials in a glass or ceramic container in a well-circulating room. Do not place it directly in the sun, as the fragrance will fade quickly. Once dry, put all the ingredients in a container and cover with a cheesecloth. Your natural air freshener is finished and ready to use.

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